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The dates indicated are subject to the completion of the order within a certain time frame and will be confirmed after the payment process.

Travel time 14-18 days.

Express delivery 7-8 days (coming soon).


At Zayac Mehovoi, we guarantee to make your shopping experience comfortable.

We will deliver your parcel to the address of your choice anywhere in the world. Just enter your shipping address on the order form.

Your item will be dispatched from our warehouse within 48 hours from the moment your order is processed. If your order has not been placed, please contact us.

If you do not pick up or are not available for delivery, the package will be sent back to us, we will charge you 50 euros for the return shipping.

If you have any questions about shipping, please email:

If the amount of your order is less than 139 euros. The shipping cost will be 40 euros.