Baby wear

About sets

Assembling baby’s first wardrobe together!

The set contains 30 items:

✔️3 diapers
We have large and soft diapers with which you can swaddle your baby at night so that he does not wake himself up with his hands when he sleeps sweetly 😴

In addition to swaddling, diapers will definitely come in handy for you:
☁️ They can cover the changing table while changing clothes and changing the diaper
☁️ They can replace the bed sheet

✔️ In addition to simple diapers, our set includes 2 cocoons with a zipper!
You will use it when the baby sleeps in daytime dreams or after bathing 
2 cocoons you will
enough up to 4-5 months 

✔️ 4 jumpsuits per shift, as well as 2 sets of bodysuits with sliders
➕ In our set there is a one-color jumpsuit in size 56 and a hat with a knot, which you can safely use to discharge your baby from the hospital

☁️ And the most important thing is that the kit comes with 2 sizes at once!
From birth – size 56
And from 2 months – 62 size

✔️ The set also includes the cutest comfortable socks, scratches, napkins for feeding, bonnets, vest, jacket and bibs

Everything is perfectly matched in the first months of life

📌 Feel free to take things of size 56 and additional items with you to the hospital 

⁉️ If you have any questions, write, we will help you!