About Us

Are you expecting a baby and are puzzled by the search for high-quality and beautiful clothes for your little miracle? We have good news!



About our online store

We have taken care of this for you, and created a perfectly matched wardrobe for a newborn. Our wardrobe has everything you need for the first months of his life, because it is suitable for children from 0 to 3 months.

Now you do not need to run around the shops, looking for suitable sliders for a blouse or a hat for overalls - everything is already assembled and harmoniously combined in colors. All you have to do is enjoy your little one. What is remarkable about our sets of clothes for babies and why should you choose them?

Features of the very first wardrobe from the brand "Zayac Mehovoi".

The most important thing to pay attention to when purchasing clothes for a baby is the quality and type of fabric that will directly touch his delicate skin. For tailoring sets, we use only natural, high-quality cotton. It is anti-allergic, breathable and very soft - this material will provide the baby with maximum comfort.

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